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The 2X Club is an exclusive membership organization where entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals learn what they need to double their incomes - while still having a life. In this unique club environment, you’ll master your mindset, learn systems to scale and apply sales and marketing strategies to double your business in record time.

Through live sessions with our experts, a highly engaged community, powerful program modules, and cutting-edge video learning, you’ll gain knowledge and master secrets to transform your business from leaders who’ve walked in your heels. It’s just that easy!


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The 2X Club consists of four pillars to give you everything you need to exceed your growth goals: Mindset, Marketing, Systems and Sales, Led by three experts: Leadership Coach and International Speaker Libby Gill, Systems Specialist Chiquita Jones, and Sales & Marketing Expert Meridith Elliott Powell.  

The program features coaching, live training and educational courses in each subject area. Video courses that you can conveniently access, and work through at your own pace.

In addition, 2XClub leaders Libby, Chiquita and Meridith hold weekly Q&A calls to answer your questions, support your progress, and release bonus material to move you faster along the path to doubling your business. 


Praise for their work 

“Libby created a tailored, realistic and compassionate approach for coaching me to the next level. With Libby’s help, my confidence soared and I saw immediate results.” Barbara Tremblay, Connex Coaching International


Chiquita was able to take the big-picture view as well as dive into the details.  She was organized and always ensured I knew where everything was at.   In addition, Chiquita is really a joy to work with!  - Christine Pouliot, CPCC, CC Executive and Leadership Development Coach 


Rave review from Meridith’s client, "You just gave me a million dollars’ worth of information - it paid for this workshop 10x over. Your message, your energy  - you are exactly what my sales team needed. " 

Ken Williams, CEO, Allied


This part is easy! For a limited time founding members pay only $147 per month to get instant access to everything, we’ve covered and so much more. Just click here to register, and you’ll receive your link to get started. You’ll immediately be able to put all of our calls on your calendar to start accessing your educational information, get active in the community, and begin the path forward to double your business. 


In addition to the information, ideas and support this program offers you get a rich, active community of like-minded professionals to help you exceed your goals, and get results faster than you ever dreamed possible! Libby, Chiquita, and Meridith are accessible to you to ensure you move past your obstacles to double your business.   


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We get it. That’s why you’re welcome to email us at [email protected] and ask away or let us know you want to schedule a discovery call. You’ll get one of us live, we’ll never pass you off to anyone else. You’re too important.

We know there are plenty of people out there who will promise to 10x your income, get you an instant promotion, or launch a product and make a million bucks. If you're looking for sizzle, that might be the way to go.

But if you’re like us, you’ve discovered that it’s hard to find one guru, one coach, or one expert who knows it all and can keep all those promises. That’s why with 2X Club, you get three brains and three sets of experience and expertise.


Need a little more?

How about our month-to-month guarantee? When you join us and stay with us continually, your fee is locked in for life. Even when we raise our rates. And if you don’t get everything we’re promising and more, you’re free to drop out anytime. No contract, no strings, just service.